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No Time To Panic

Despite media pearl clutching about President Biden’s debate performance, this is no time to fly off the handle with worries about the election coming in November. This will be a very high consequences election, but right it is time to work, not moan.

  1. Appearance is not substance. While Biden has been providing excellent leadership and by all measures is having a very successful administration, the skills required for a good debate performance are not those required for political and leadership success.
  2. Voters will have forgotten the debate performance by November. The same was true for Obama and Clinton who performed poorly in their first debates. Voters elected them.
  3. Changing horses in the middle of the stream has always been a bad idea. In this case it would guarantee the election of DJT and the loss of our democracy as early as next year. There is no way any consensus for a replacement candidate could happen, and the remaining campaign would be disjointed and ineffective.
  4. Important struggles are won by staying the course, digging in, and pushing through until the final whistle.
  5. People are afraid of the consequences of a new Trump administration, and rightly so. Don’t let that fear turn into panic. The game is not over, and there is a lot of work to do. Let this debate experience serve to as a wake-up call, not a knockout blow.
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Polish Prime Minister warns of coming War

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The adventure of aging

So, since retiring completely from private practice, I have settled into a comfortable routine. I have a daily routine beginning with walking for at least 30 minutes. Afterward, I usually visit the local senior center where I visit with acquaintances through the morning, ending up with lunch.
Afternoons I attend to any errands, but mostly return home to pursue interests, some of which are following up on tasks I have set for myself around things like decluttering.
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Transphobic Press

From: https://universeodon.com/@deilann@tech.lgbt

I’d also just like to highlight that the high profile the NYT has given to Ghorayshi’s work compared to trans-affirmative stories of similar length was something pointed out by the journalists who called for the NYT to stop platforming transphobia. Because they weren’t even “both sides-ing” my life and the lives of those like me. Ghorayshi’s stories would be featured far more prominently, which matters.

And the NYT’s response to being told “maybe stop doing material harm to trans people with your journalism” was that doing so would be “activist journalism.”

How, pray tell, is Ghorayshi’s “journalism” distinct from activist journalism, when we look at how she treats her sources?

(this is a rhetorical question.)

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Next Steps

I’ve succeeded in sharing a directory between Host and Guest.
Still studying whether, when and how to install Debian in place of Ubuntu. I’m interested in distancing myself from corporate control, but I have some doubts about usability going forward.

I need to understand a bit more about Debian’s upgrading of kernel, and how often this is accomplished. I’m not worried about the applications like LibreOffice because I am installing those via flatpak.

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wp Setup Progress

Working to set up WP under a Debian 12 virtual machine hosted on Ubuntu.

After installing Oracle VM VirtualBox on Ubuntu, I have created a Debian virtual machine in order to test Debian as a likely alternative to Ubuntu.

Since I am new to using VirtualBox, I have had to make adjustments to provide for access to my resources on Ubuntu. This is becoming more important as I set up a new personal website to replace the one I have been using professionally. I might have simply edited and revised the professional site, but I want to use a different domain.

My next task is to delve into making available the pics and graphics I have on my old website and my personal archives of photos that reside on the Ubuntu host machine. I have already declared a shared directory, but I need to familiarize myself about how to implement it. Then it will likely be a simple copy process.

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